Capsule - 10AM

14 490 Ft


Budapest: 8.125

Warehouse: 8.125

This board was made on 7 plies of the best hard rock maple, in a low concave shape and pressed on by one with the 2XS formula glue. Great pop and durability.

width: 8.125"
length: 31.85"
wheelbase: 14.25"
nose: 7"
tail: 6.75"

low concave
standard popsicle shape
7-ply hardrock maple construction
2XS glue, ecological and provides outstanding strength and a lasting pop
Capsule series

The color of the top ply may vary. The ¨Capsule¨series brings simple and elegant graphic design.

Attention: The background colour varies between red, orange and yellow.

NOTE: grip tape not included and must be ordered separately
Capsule - 10AM


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