Yow V.4 S4 System Pack - SILVER
Yow V.4 S4 System Pack - SILVER

Yow V.4 S4 System Pack - SILVER

32 990 Ft



Budapest, József krt. 81.:S4

The YOW System Pack includes all the necessary parts to switch your regular skateboard to a great surfing skateboard.
Yow System Pack V.4 S4 makes use of a heavier, 4mm spring. It offers an authentic surfing feeling to surfskaters above 50kg.

4mm Spring
YOW System V.4 S4
YOW Riserpad
Bolts & nuts

Both surfskate systems give you the choice of a shorter or longer wheelbase on the same baseplate. Shorter for a new-generation feeling, faster pumping, re-entries and aerials. Or a longer wheelbase for wider, softer turns and more stability at higher speeds.
Each system also offers a locking pin so you can push it hard when you want. That’s two boards in one.
The angle of the kingpin and high-quality of engineering in both systems is exactly the same.

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