Logo 07 - Logo
Logo 07 - Logo
Logo 07 - Logo

Logo 07 - Logo

21 990 Ft



Budapest, József krt. 81.:8.0

SOVRN Logo 07 8.0 Skateboard Deck
For this series he has had Alexandre Soutre, a famous graphic designer and professional photographer.
Minimalism conjugated with style and art in its purest expression.
Elegance and art merge with the Skateboard thanks to SOVRN.
SOVRN not only makes a great effort to provide us with the best quality in all its products.
They also focuses a great part of his efforts on offering a meticulous aesthetics and for that they look for and relate it directly to his passions that are Skateboarding, design, photography and cinematography.
For these reasons, SOVRN manufracture all their boards with Premium Canadian Maple wood and for their assembly they use last generation of epoxy glues. In this way they offer us unbeatable quality at an unbeatable price.
Tech specs
Logo 07 Series
8.0 Model
Size 8.0"
Medium Concave
NOTE: Grip tape not included and must be ordered separately. You get discount on the griptape when buying it together with a board!

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